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Newsome Complete Health Dentistry is excited to offer options in both general and cosmetic dentistry for patients in Columbia and Forest Acres, SC. Our team has years of experience and is dedicated to your overall health and happiness. Here, we believe that when your mouth is healthy, your overall well-being is improved because your risk of other diseases is decreased. 

Come to Newsome for tooth cleanings and checkups twice a year. We go in-depth to make sure that you are cavity-free and that your oral health is on-par. The doctor will also make sure that any fillings or tooth work are holding up and working together properly. If anything is giving you discomfort, he will adjust the problem.

Checkups and cleanings are vital to your oral and overall health. It is recommended by the American Dental Association that you visit the dentist twice a year for a tooth checkup and cleaning. Plus, at your checkup, the doctor can investigate any discomforts or issues you may be having with your teeth or mouth. You may have issues that you can’t detect yourself, such as a cracked tooth or worn-out dental work, which we will gladly fix.

Our professional hygienist has years of experience offering great advice on how to properly take care of your teeth from home in order to prevent disease and decay. The hygienist will give you advice on your daily tooth care, from brushing to flossing to mouthwash and more, with demonstrations. She will provide a thorough cleaning of your teeth to remove all grime, food, tartar and plaque, check for gum and periodontal disease, and teach you how to properly care for you teeth at home.

By scheduling a checkup and cleaning twice a year, you can prevent gum disease and more severe diseases, such as oral cancer, down the line. By age four or five, everyone should begin seeing a dentist for checkups. Call us today at (803) 782-6966 to schedule your appointment!

Grinding your teeth at night not only wears down your teeth, but it can also cause tension and headaches, earaches and sore jaws. This issue is known as bruxism. Wearing a night guard helps prevent your teeth from this subconscious habit. You can’t always control the stress or anxiety that often contributes to bruxism, but night guards take care of the problem.

At Newsome, we will give you a thorough evaluation of where the grinding takes place and what bones and muscles are being impacted. We will work with you to create a night guard that is comfortable and effective for you.

When you feel confident in your smile, you carry your confidence in every aspect of your life. And confidence is key to overall health and happiness. That’s why the team at Newsome Complete Health Dentistry offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services, from implants to Invisalign to home whitening and more, to give you the smile that you desire and deserve!

Dental implants are a great option for patients because they completely replace the tooth’s root, giving you a fresh start. The procedure has been around for many years and is a standard. The implant takes about four to six months to heal before the abutment, which acts as the new tooth, and crown are inserted on top. Dr. Newsome will work with you to make sure your implants fit perfectly in your mouth.

Invisalign is a process of straightening your teeth using clear, removable aligners. They do the job of braces in less time and without anyone being able to tell. They work over a span of six to 18 months and give you the freedom to remove them whenever you please.

Veneers are handmade shells that are placed over your teeth to correct their look, covering up gaps, cracks, misalignments or stains. They usually require three visits, in which the dentist will give you temporary veneers while he designs your permanent set. This set will be created based on factors such as your skin color, face shape, current dentistry and more. Dr. Newsome has years of experience creating veneers so he can give you advice on how to take care of them, plus they are resistant to stains.

In some cases, Dr. Newsome will recommend Lumineers, which don’t require preparation. They are best for patients with sensitive teeth or those who may want to remove the veneers at some point.

At Newsome Complete Health Dentistry, we are able to provide a professional whitening system to use at home. The system includes custom mouth trays and a safe bleaching gel that, by two weeks, will give you the same results as in-office whitening. The custom mouth trays our kits come with can be reused when you want to whiten again. Our office can supply you with more bleaching gel when needed and can offer you advice and guidance on home whitening.

Teeth naturally go through wear and tear as they do a lot of work throughout our lives. We offer several options to restore your teeth to looking like new.

Bridges: If you’ve lost teeth, a bridge, or a prosthetic tooth, will not only fill the gap but it will prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting due to the gap. Bridges can also improve speech, chewing and facial structure. They can last from eight to 10 years.

Crowns: If your tooth is broken, we can place a crown on top of it to prevent more damage. We recommend an all-ceramic crown to keep your teeth white, and we can adjust the color of the porcelain to match the rest of your teeth. Generally, creating and inserting your crown takes just a few appointments.

Tooth-Colored Fillings: If you have old or dark fillings, you may want to switch over to composite resin fillings, which will match the rest of your teeth and won’t be noticeable. They aren’t made of metal, so the color can be adjusted to your perfect shade. Plus, these fillings are better for the remaining tooth than older fillings, meaning you will retain more of your natural teeth for longer. These fillings last for seven to ten years.

When you need to have a filling replaced, inlays and onlays are a less involved process than a crown. Like a filling, they fit into the tooth, but they have a similar structure to a crown. Inlays fit between the bumps on the top of the tooth, while onlays go over them. The doctor can work with you to determine which option is best for you.

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